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  1. Susan Missal Lenner

    This is my father, who rarely discussed his years in service, so it is so nice to see a picture of him and learn where he and his battalion fought during the war. After the army he returned to Bristol, Connecticut and had a very successful career as a lawyer before he was appointed a judge for the State of CT. He served as a judge for over 35 years until he passed away in 1999.
    It is great that I am able to share this with my husband and daughters who have been curious for years as to his locations during the war.
    -Susan Missal Lenner and her daughter Melissa

    1. Rand Post author

      It’s nice to hear from you, Susan and Melissa.

      My father says he remembers your dad’s pleasant smile and laugh. He also remembers one time after the war, when my dad was visiting Hartford, Connecticut for a sales call. (He sold advertising space for the New York Times.) He as walking down the street and there was your dad walking in the other direction. They stopped and chatted for a while, and that was that.

      And here we are…! :^)

      – Rand


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