Recon. & Intel.

Photos by Nick Kischitz.

4 thoughts on “Recon. & Intel.

  1. Tom Mueller

    That’s my Dad, Tech Sgt. Bill Mueller, in the top row. He died in 2008. For several decades, he kept in touch with most of the men on this page — and I still keep in touch with Jim McGrath and Charles Long, the Mountain Dew one from West Virginia. I wrote a booklet about the 286th in 2007 after being told there was no official history of these men, and I have greatly expanded it in 2011. I see a few people are leaving notes on Rand Hoppe’s fine site, and I will be eager to get the book to you. See it on my author website or write to me at

  2. Jeremy

    Wow, just found my dad in this wonderful display of men…very happy, since I have so many photos and correspondences he left behind…sadly he’s passed, and as most soldiers, didn’t talk much about his experiences in war.

    Jeremy Shapiro


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