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  1. michael spence

    I have some pictures of the 286th Combat Engineer Bn crossing a bridge to Germany I can send it (email) to you if desired. The picture has a sign that says “Welcome to German, courtesy of the 286th Engr Bn”

    My father, Robert Spence, then a Captain or Major is in one of the pictures. There are three other unidentified service members

    1. Jon Blankenship

      Charles P. Blankenship 1st Sergeant Company B
      My uncle who served in this battalion never spoke about his time in Germany. If anyone has any info or pictures they can send me I would appreciate it. He only told of being at Colmar crossing the Rhine. The family would like to have any info on his unit. My email is

  2. Carla Herlihy

    Trying to find more info regarding my father Charles J. Herlihy – Co B 286(: Engineers Combat Battalion, Marksman Rifle, WWll.
    Dad is passed when I was 13 yrs old.
    Having a difficult time finding info on his battalion.
    I would appreciate anything that can be shared.
    Thank You,
    Carla Herlihy

  3. Gerard Sylvain

    I wish I could have found this site ten years ago. My father, Jerry Sylvain, NEVER talked about his time in the 286th. He died in 1982. When my mother passed away this month, we came across a booklet:
    286th Combat Engineers Battalion

    It contained a list of all the soldiers and where they came from. Many New Englanders. At least through the
    internet, I am getting small snippets of what he went through.


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