More ID help needed

Paul Anesto’s daughter Crystal has asked that I post this picture of her father at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in hope to identify any of the other soldiers.

You can click on the photo to make it larger. Anyone?

4 thoughts on “More ID help needed

  1. Richard Joseph

    Yes, the man to the right is my grandfather, Charles Fulkerson i have over 260 picture of the war he took while he was in the 286th, i will post them

  2. Richard Joseph

    My grandfather was Charles Fulkerson, He died in November 1991, he is the man to the right half cut off, i have his collection of 260 photos he took while in the 286th , hitler doesnt live here anymore sign, auswitz, hitlers bombed eagles nest,maps, i would love to share them but i do not see a way to attach pictures.

  3. Crystal anestos

    Can anybody confirm the picture at Eagle’s Nest who participated in the raid with Paul ANESTOS? Please let me know! We need help with verification. Very important! Does anybody have any evidence the raid occurred and any knowledge of what was taken? Is there any soldier in that picture still living? still researching for family biography & possible auction of Hitler’s possessions. Appreciate any help.


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