286th – 31 December 1944 through 17 June 1945

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Based on a map produced in June 1945 by the father of Arthur Alexander of Brooklyn, NY.

Will Hoppe told me some more details about the production of this map, which I will follow up with him.

2 thoughts on “286th – 31 December 1944 through 17 June 1945

  1. John T. Attanasio

    My father Joe (The Nose) Attanasio from the Motor Section will be turning 91 years old on March 23, 2012. He has fond memories of the guys in the 286th especially Joe LaBrutto who ran the machine shop in the back of their truck and Pasquale (Brooklyn) Filipelli. He also talks about Master Sergeant Orville E. Nelson and said he was a pretty good guy. My brother Joe was in the Army and I was in the Marine Corps and we both did tours in Vietnam and know how important a wartime friendship means to guys who served in combat together. My dad is in pretty good health and sends his regards to all the guys from the unit. Thanks for your service!
    John T. Attanasio

  2. Georgia footman

    To John Attanasio:

    I have been trying to get information on Gus “Greek” Kollias who migrated to US in the 1920s from Greece and died in Montana in 1955. I came across this picture in this book and it looks like him (from other pictures I had seen as a child). I would love to confirm if that is him. Do you think your father may remember him?


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