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  1. Dudley P. Hays

    Rand, this is unbeliveable that this has occured.

    Rand this is unbelievable to receive this information. I have tried for years to find a record of the 286th from the goverment, but to no avail. All my personal records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis shortly after the end of WWII.
    I lost contact years ago with some of my buddies, and had tried from the goverment to find out our order of battle. Seem like you have a good record of it.
    I remember your dad and all the others you mentioned.
    I haven’t gone through this posting but will and try to preserve. it.

    Let me hear from you.

    Dudley or “Duddie”
    I just received this within the last 30 minutes and was hestitant to open or answer until I cheched the H & S roster which I had.

  2. Rand Post author

    It’s great to hear from you, Dudley.

    More info and photos to come. Keep checking the home page at http://286th.com , either I’ll add new menu items to the black horizontal menu bar, or to the space below the menu and above the map.

    Hopefully, my dad will start posting some comments soon, too.

    – Rand


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