11 thoughts on “Name the soldiers

  1. Rand Post author

    Will Hoppe and Bob McKean are in the back on the right. The highest man on the right has his arm behind McKean’s neck, and Hoppe is to McKean’s right (our left).

    Who else?

    And where was this taken? The print is an unused postcard on Kodak paper. I adjusted the scan a little.

  2. Tom Mueller

    To Rand Hoppe:

    This was taken in Nuremberg, I would bet. My Dad had one in which he was standing where Hitler talked, but was squatting because he did not want to stand like Hitler did. That may have been a scatological comment, too.

  3. Rand Post author

    Tom, thanks. I was wondering where they’d be that would have architecture like that. Makes sense.

    Evan, I received your mother’s comments, but didn’t approve them to be posted because she didn’t want her email address on the web.

  4. Rand Post author

    My Dad says that Missal is to his right, and Whritenour is to Missal’s right. Also, in front of Hoppe and McKean is Jack Pirrung, who lived around the corner from my Dad in Brooklyn. He also says Roberts is in front of Whritenour.

  5. Melissa

    What a great picture! My Grandpa Harold Missal is the tall one in the middle, without a tie, and with his shirt slightly unbuttoned. Thank you for this site!!!!


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